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The Lodge, Whakapapa

The 'Lodge' is located on the Whakapapa side of Mt Ruapehu at the Top of the Bruce in Iwikau Village, right in the centre of the loop road. The outstanding foresight of the club's founders means that parking is right outside the door!

The Lodge sleeps 20, in 5 bunk rooms, and is booked on a ‘per bed’ basis. Families and groups can be accommodated in one of the bunk room configurations, two of which sleep 5 and one sleeps 4. There are two smaller rooms that each sleep 3.

Thanks to the hard work of many club members, the bunk rooms have recently undergone extensive renovations and they all now feature full insulation, thermostatically controlled heating and new lighting. Ducted heating flows throughout the hallways ensuring warm and toasty nights even in the harshest of winter blizzards.  

The lounge and dining area  is open plan. The lower sitting room provides a fusball table and a television screen. Members are welcome to bring their Sky decoder and/or DVD player for necessary sports games and movies.

The open plan kitchen has two ovens with a large fridge and freezer. There's a separate 'beer fridge' in the work room.

The bathroom wing provides men's and women's bathrooms each with a shower and washbasins, plus two additional showers and separate men's and women's toilets.  A washing machine is available for members' use. 

A large drying room is fitted out with shelving and hanging space, perfect for drying ski gear and washing.

A workroom off the bathroom wing provides a workbench for ski repair and waxing, as well as members' lockers and the beer fridge!  

Lodge rates (Winter)

Weekends (self-catering)

Members (Senior and Junior)                                   $66.00

Family Members (under 17)                                     $34.00

Non-Members (17 and over)                                  $122.00

Non-Members (under 17)                                         $56.00


Queen's Birthday and Labour Weekend

Members (Senior and Junior)                                  $99.00

Family Members (under 17)                                    $51.00

Non-Members (17 & over)                                     $183.00

Non-Members (under 17)                                        $84.00

Weekdays (self-catering)

Members (Senior and Junior)                                  $33.00

Family Members (under 17)                                    $17.00

Non-Members (17 and over )                                  $61.00

Non-Members (under 17)                                        $28.00

Room Rate per night 
(these rates exclude weekend food, and are subject to extra charges for non-members)

Bunkrooms 1 & 2 (sleep 5)                                   $150.00

Bunkroom 3 (sleeps 4)                                         $120.00

Bunkroom 4 & 5 (sleep 3)                                     $ 90.00

Lodge life & responsibilities

Life in the lodge is always great fun and very social. All members (kids included) are rostered to help with cooking, dishes and cleaning up at the end of each week or weekend. All rubbish must be removed when departing. There's a rubbish and recycling transfer station at the top of the Bruce Road, as well as at the bottom of the road, on the right as you head down the mountain, just before the Information Centre.

The club has currently paused offering catering on weekends for the 2022 season due to rising costs and stricter compliance measures. We will revisit this for the 2023 season depending on demand. All meals are self-catered. The pantry is stocked to cater for emergencies and when food may not be able to be brought up, and non-ski day boredom-breaking bake-offs.


Outside of the winter ski season, all food is on a self-catered basis.

Lodge Access

Members will be issued with a front door key to the external door of the Lodge. If you don't have a key, please contact the Booking Officer. There is a digital lock on the interior door.  Instructions relating to operating this will be given to members by the Booking Officer prior to them staying at the Lodge.

Lodge Lockers
What to bring

Lockers are available to members to use over the winter ski season and are allocated early June. These are numbered and fitted with a hasp and staple; members are required to supply their own lock.

If you are intending to use the Lodge and would like a locker for your use, please contact the Booking Officer.

Lockers are to be vacated at the end of the ski season, so they can be utilised by other members using the Lodge throughout the year.

When staying at the Lodge,  please bring with you:

  • Sleeping bag or linen (blankets are only available for emergency bedding)

  • Pillowcase (pillows are supplied)

  • Towels

  • Food for stays during the week or outside of the winter ski season (refer Catering)

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